Together, we can prevent freediving deaths in Hawai’i.

Freediving and spearfishing accounted for 50% of all Hawai’i resident fatal ocean incidents between January and July 2020 (State of Hawaii, Department of Health).

To combat the rise of freediving and spearfishing related deaths, FreediveSafe! Hawai’i launched a free community program to ensure everyone has access to essential freediving/spearfishing safety training. FreediveSafe! is the only freediving and spearfishing safety nonprofit organization in Hawai’i.

FreediveSafe! is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Mission and Vision


Join a FreediveSafe! program and learn how to spearfish safely for your family, your friends, and your community.

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Join us in preventing freediving and spearfishing deaths and improving Hawai’i ocean safety. Read More


By donating to our cause, you help give more people access to our FREE lifesaving training.

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Learn to FreediveSafe! for your ’ohana.

Being a Safe! freediver/spearfisher is not about being a strong swimmer, an experienced waterman/women or spearfisher with years of experience. It’s about understanding proper freediving supervision and basic safety and rescue procedures to minimize the risks involved in freediving activities. This essential ocean safety training is proven to save lives and it’s a must for anyone participating in these activities.

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Upcoming Events

Our FREE ocean safety programs are open to freedivers, spearfishers, watermen and waterwomen of all skill levels. Interested in attending a program? Please complete the REGISTER form with your preferred program, date and location. We’re excited to see you at a FreediveSafe! program soon!

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