Our Mission & Vision

Together, we can prevent freediving and spearfishing related deaths in Hawai’i and worldwide.

Our Mission

The mission of FreediveSafe! Hawaii is to provide lifesaving freediving and spearfishing safety training to all of Hawaii’s local communities.

Our Vision

Prevent freediving and spearfishing related deaths in Hawai’i, the continental U.S., and worldwide.


FreediveSafe! Hawaii was born from the desperate need to stop the rise of freediving and spearfishing related deaths in Hawai’i. We are a team of freediving and ocean safety professionals, from national record holders to subsistence spearfishermen, who care about our community. Our sole goal is to ensure that important modern safety training – proven to mitigate the dangers of this sport – is available to everyone who needs it.  We provide freediving/spearfishing safety training and presentations throughout the entire Hawaiian Island chain.

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